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logo_178x127_lightgreybgExpect good things from your experience at The Olympia Studio! We encourage students to reach their full potential and challenge them to a higher standard. We receive a tremendous sense of satisfaction from the learning process. To us, learning/teaching is fun! Therefore, The Olympia Studio attracts students that are driven, competitive, and excited to learn.

Whether you are dusting off your instrument, trying to refine your performance skills, or learning how to write music, The Olympia studio is for people of all types and ages! There is little we can't teach. Jazz, rock, blues, classical and improvisation.

Our monthly interactive music lab classes focus on theory, ear training, scales, cadences, and rhythm, to supplement your private music classes, while our higher education programs are sculpted to suit your personal music goals. We do not simply teach you how to read music, we educate you in how to become a true musician!

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Music Lessons Offered in Olympia

Piano Lessons

lessons-pianoWe have three teachers covering all skills levels and styles of piano lessons, from elementary through advanced, including classical, jazz, blues and contemporary. 

Learn Piano


Guitar Lessons

guitar-sliderThe Olympia Studio's guitar and voice instructor teaches a variety of guitar styles, including blues, R&B, rock, jazz, acoustic and electric.

Learn Guitar

Voice & Singing


Our voice and singing coaches teach a variety of vocal styles and techniques, including contemporary, rock, jazz, choral and more, for both children and adults alike.

Learn To Sing

Choir Class

ChoirThe Choir Class is for students aged 7-10 and offers a weekly 90 minute class.   Enrollment in the Children's Choir is $60 per month.

Learn Choir

Flute Lessons

flute2The Olympia Studio offers flute lessons, teaching across a spectrum of abilities from beginner to advanced. The Olympia Studio teaches:

Learn Flute

Our Olympia Music Instructors

5edited_150x150Tarik Bentlemsani

Guitar and Classical Guitar. My job as a guitar teacher is to help every student achieve their musical goals. I do that by being patient and encouraging, while challenging the student to do better every week...




Ann Panesko

Beginning to Advanced Voice Teacher. As a voice instructor, Ann will teach you techniques to strengthen your voice and enhance your support breathing. You will both explore various musical repertoires while simultaneously having fun! All voice students will have the opportunity to perform what you have learned. Ann teaches beginning to advanced student levels.


Art Peterson

Advanced Piano
Art Peterson is a popular accompanist, pedagogue and performer in the Pacific Northwest. He holds degrees in music (both piano and organ performance) from Andrews University, Arizona State University, and Pacific Lutheran University.



KyndalMeister1-thumbKyndal Meister

Intermediate Piano.
Kyndal specializes in technique, accompaniment, and piano ensemble works, with special interest in interpreting 18th-century piano literature.  She teaches upper elementary to lower advanced piano students.



Lorraine MussonLorraineTwins-thumb

Beginning to Late Elementary Piano and Theory, Ear Training, and Beginning Composition.
Lorraine encourages her students to reach their full potential and challenges them to a higher standard.  She receives a tremendous sense of satisfaction from the learning process.  To her, learning/teaching is fun!  Therefore, she attracts students that are driven, competitive, and/or love the learning process.


Ann Panesko

Beginning to Advanced Flute Teacher. The flute is one of the most beautiful woodwind instruments.  Its vibrant personality and rich tone make it appealing to many musicians.

To master this colorful instrument we will work on proper embouchure, breath control, fingering, and all around musicianship.  We will then apply all of these techniques to many fun and beautiful flute pieces.  I look forward to helping you meet your goals as a musician.

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